Graig Yarbrough

I was born and raised in Southern Oregon, near the California border. My family was all loggers. They worked the sawmills, and the logging outfits in the area most of my childhood. I grew up fishing, hunting, and camping out on the weekends. We grew our own vegetables and fruits. I spent many hours working the gardens, and helping can the fruit. I joined the Air Force during Viet Nam and helped build Phu Cat Air Base there. After Viet Nam, I took a BA degree from Howard Payne University in Texas. In the years following, I entered the U.S. Army and finished my career there as a “tanker.” I am married and we have three daughters and four grandchildren. Retired U.S. Army. Graduate of Defense Equal Opportunity Management Institute. Diploma from Long Ridge Writer’s Group.

I am a student of life. I have an incredible desire for knowledge and I enjoy teaching it. I am very intuitive and can see into things with an uncanny ability.

I love the craft of writing, the creativity, the sharing, and the contributing.

I get the greatest satisfaction from helping others to see what I see.


Howard Payne Univertsity

5725 Cedar Creek Vw. #101

Advanced Non Commission Officer's Course

Defense Equal Opportunity Management Institute


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